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For My Daughter

When I die choose a star
and name it after me
that you may know
I have not abandoned

The Bagel

I stopped to pick up the bagel
rolling away in the wind,
annoyed with myself
for having dropped it

I Close My Eyes

I close my eyes like a good little boy at night in bed,
as I was told to do by my mother when she lived,

Against The Evidence

As I reach to close each book
lying open on my desk, it leaps up
to snap at my fingers. My legs


Whatever we do, whether we light
strangers’ cigarettes—it may turn out
to be a detective wanting to know who is free

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Elizabeth jeszeck 22 April 2018

The poem with the first ine one leaf left on a branch is a very moving poem that set me back on my heels.

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Elizabeth Jeszeck 22 April 2018

The poem with the first ine one leaf le

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Born in Brooklyn on February 7, 1914, and spent most of his life in the New York City area.


Ignatow began his professional career as a businessman. After committing wholly to poetry, Ignatow worked as an editor of American Poetry Review, Analytic, Beloit Poetry Journal, and Chelsea Magazine, and as poetry editor of The Nation. ...

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