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The heights of passion
Heighten the heights of action
Deepening the height of destruction
And destructing the actions of construction

Have seen little of history unfold
I know that one thing will always be
Africa will be,
But what is Africa’s may never be

She walked down the aisle
By him indeed she walked

By him indeed she walked

When He set off for the journey
He knew it wasn't about the money
Unlike a be, He wasn't after honey
For the Sun would have shone like yesterday

Never have you ever sat
Or beneath African Suns lay flat
You insist on rumours fat
Liken to a rainy day's door mat

That I feel the pain Christ felt when I wasn’t there
Yet I feel not the pain that I inflict on my neighbor when s/he’s here

That I am going to be feasting

Rains reign in town
So heavily falling down
In speed than rocket's
Every man pockets

It is I oh dear Lord that turned away
Your goodness is perfect and enough
No wonder Hell stands in my very way

3 am:
Urban time: Alarm clocks, hoots and toots
Rural time: Cocks crow, cows moo and weavers beaker

For I am Catholic, cut out to the core
Remolded through catechism; head to toe
No apologies should I make,
‘cept for re-crucifying Christ

Some silence is deafening
Some silence feels vengeant and weakening
Some silence is like a thundering
That cuts throught the skies roaring

She was a woman of plight
A heart of pure delight
Too many saw in her light
But now she is challenged;

I shall celebrate you, Gilbert
I shall celebrate you
Even under the darkness of grief
I shall celebrate you

A man shaken
Perhaps not yet beaten
Paws shake like tree-tops
Roving in the winds like small cops

A human being suspects
That all humans are suspects
And when a human being respects
They hope for retrospects

For the World unwillingly
Africa toiled not sparingly
Like locusts in a leafy field
Africans worked without sunshield

What is another man's victory or loss
That little man of some meager status
Should overlook the value of life in another
Or the treasure in good relations with the other

Inside a slum
There is no bump
But Traffic is awkwardly slow

David N. Munene Biography

Born in Kalimoni Hospital in Thika District (formerly Kiambu District; now Kiambu County) in Central Kenya, as the fifth born in a family of six, poetry is a passion and not a profession. I owe my inspiration to the providence of God through nature, situation and circumstance. If only I could publish one, then I would...)

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The heights of passion
Heighten the heights of action
Deepening the height of destruction
And destructing the actions of construction
Subtraction is not an option of action
Friction might in passion be fiction
Oh passionate passion for a person
How do you impersonate with irritation?

An action that's outta fashion
Like bungalow outdone by mansion
You see not the scenes of sin
As a scene you see that make sin
How then is passion of a person,
supposedly causing him destruction?
That flames ignited consume a fraction,
Of actions with poor contraction
The furnace is ooh so in construction
That all within is by coercion
For wealth and riches are a situation
But passionate passion is a person
cold and hot, never faces reduction
Always in action headed for production

For passion, it's not about mass action
Inasmuch as there's a match in tension
Tense tension that's never past tense
A present that is continuous tense
But the one that fathoms its essence,
None other can decipher its presence
What is power without any passion?
Whatever zeal is if passion is outta action?
Whoever prominence makes to sense,
Wherever eminence is in essence
Who quenches the unquenchable passion?
What action cautions the act in passion?

Show me what overwhelms the overwhelmed
Tell me who is in the helm of the dead?
The dead that death has on laid a wreath?
What is death if passion takes no wrath
Who is life if in passion there's strife
Strive in strife has become contention
But passion in strife there's still a connection
Oh passion! Passion! Make me a person
Of action, passion and assertion

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