David Stewart Caspi Poems

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Earth: Our Glorious Planet

God put us here on Earth for a reason,
And not just to enjoy each and every season.
He gave us life, and opened our senses
That we may enjoy all His gifts and mend broken fences.


Beauty In Living

The beauty of life is the living—or giving, But if you search too deeply, if you examine too carefully, you lose its perspective. A walk in the park on a snowy evening can be quite exhilarating. But if you worry along the way about how many snowflakes have fallen, of how they will affect your trip the next day, you will be thrown off. The sound of a waterfall, the fragrance of the lilac or the majesty of a redwood can be therapeutic. These can be ends in themselves. We should appreciate the good and finer things around us, and eschew or not be concerned about the negative. For the good far outweighs the bad, at least in my view. When we misinterpret the failings of human nature or the shortcomings of the world we live in, we may construe these to be effronteries or insults in devious form. In reality, we are judging God’s creation without judging ourselves as his creations. We may tend to think that crime, hatred, death, or deceit happen for a reason, other than the simple purpose of balancing out the offerings of the universe in all its complexity. Yet it is this seeming complexity that clouds us from the greater simplicity we have before us. An apple may be sour or tomato rotten to the taste. But think of all the fresh fruits in the bunch aside from those imperfections. People come in all sizes, styles, and mentalities. But if they are made to learn the right way of living, with respect for those less fortunate, they will learn how to accept themselves. And the world will be better place. Rather than being caustic or judgmental, we should be caring and insightful. For only be accepting and understanding others in a helpful manner will be fuller persons in the long run. Human beings, like animals, trees, and automobiles are sacraments of God. Fruit, beauty, the animal kingdom abound.
But first we should be cognizant of what we have found.
Adam gave Eve his covenant of trust, hand to hand.
Not knowing that life in general stemmed from God’s high command.

God’s Golden Fruitbowl Of Passion

Coping with life’s problems is a hard proposition;
It takes years of hard work, practice, and dedication.
Many people go about solving these problems in a different fashion:
But often, the answers defy coexistent interaction.