Davina Vanessa Rivas

Davina Vanessa Rivas Poems

1. Accepted 5/7/2007
2. Giving Him Away 5/9/2007
3. Saying Goodbye 5/9/2007
4. Lonely Puppet 5/10/2007
5. Safe Return 5/10/2007
6. Don'T Take My Love Away 5/10/2007
7. True Love Never Dies 6/9/2007
8. Come Home 6/9/2007
9. My Only Love 6/9/2007
10. Blinded To Love 6/9/2007
11. He Isn'T Different 8/20/2007
12. Mother Sky 8/20/2007
13. Broken Heart 8/29/2007
14. I Just Want To Die 10/4/2007
15. Angel In A Stone 10/2/2008
16. Suicide 10/2/2008
17. Man Or Dream 10/2/2008
18. Grandmother’s Last Words 10/2/2008
19. World's Angel 10/2/2008
20. My Secret Love 2/2/2009
21. Hear The Melody 2/16/2009
22. Strong Woman Love 2/16/2009
23. Always 2/16/2009
24. Our Love Must Die 2/16/2009
25. I Love You 2/16/2009
26. Eagle's Love 2/23/2009
27. Forgiveness 2/23/2009
28. Make Up Your Mind 2/23/2009
29. Because I Love You 2/23/2009
30. Hidden Love 2/23/2009
31. My Sweet Angel 2/23/2009
32. Angels Song 4/20/2009
33. The One 4/29/2009
34. Juan's Poem 11/17/2007
35. Your Rose 11/17/2007
36. Kindness 11/17/2007
37. It Was Only A Dream 5/6/2008
38. Darkness 5/30/2008
39. Death By My Own Hands 7/13/2008
40. Love 8/4/2008

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Best Poem of Davina Vanessa Rivas

My Angel

With your angel eyes
And your wonderful smile
Your smooth black hair
And your heavenly lips
Every time I look at you
That is what I see
When I look at you
I swear you were
Made by angels
When I look in your
Wonderful angel eyes
They send me to
A magical place
Where I can see you
As an angel with
Silk wings and a warm glow
Your angel eyes take me to
The place where i can hold you
The man who understands me
And never judges me
The one I can trust
With all my heart
Though you can never be mine
I will always ...

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Saying Goodbye

Time have past and the memories of me will live on
Not here beside you but in your heart
Don’t think of me leaving has me leaving you alone
It was just my time to go home
I love you all my wonderful children
With all my heart and soul
Every single one of you touched my heart
In your own special, unique way
I was blessed to spend so many years

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