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Davon M. Montgomery was born on May 29,1991 in Baltimore, Maryland to Adrienne J. Poole.

Davon was educated in Baltimore City Public School System.

Davon started writing poetry at a young age he loved to always write poetry on his spare time.

In his later years, he began publishing his poems at age fifth teen.

Davon is very outgoing. he ...

Davon Montgomery Poems


Death is a sharp pain to the heart
Death is a feeling of sadness and a pain that won’t go away
Death is a sign to let you know it’s your time to go
Death is something you can’t run from

Missin All The Ole Times We Had

Time and time again
I think of you each time
Just thinking of this one rhyme.
Holding on feelings that I shouldn't be holding on to.

Love Is

Love is romance
Love is Passion
Love is a sexual or nonsexual desire
Love is a tender loving feeling

Sitting In My Room

I’m sitting here as I stare out my window with a tear
Slowly inhaling a stiff breeze brushing across my sad face
Wondering if there’s someone out there who really cares
Dreaming of a happy life is all I ever do

Wake Up

We all need to wake up
Stop killing each other
We should love each other
We need to wake up and care for each other

Davon Montgomery Comments

Adriane Coles 29 May 2008

dear davon i want to say happy bithday and i also want to say that this peom is what i was looking for

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