Deborah Ashdown

Deborah Ashdown Poems

1. Your Fuorescence 2/17/2006
2. The Homeless Man 2/20/2006
3. Life Can Be? 2/22/2006
4. How I Long 2/22/2006
5. I Have No Regrets 2/23/2006
6. My Bed-Room, My Play-Room 2/25/2006
7. My Legacy 2/27/2006
8. My Shadow 3/1/2006
9. Not Enough Time 2/12/2006
10. No Consideration 2/12/2006
11. Silver Lining 3/6/2006
12. I Love You 2/12/2006
13. No Cure 2/12/2006
14. Knock Knock 2/15/2006
15. My Man 2/15/2006
16. Your Flourescence 2/17/2006
17. My Reflection 2/17/2006
18. My Friend Duncan 2/17/2006
19. Remember? 2/12/2006
20. Cleaned Away 2/24/2006
21. Lifes Re-Cycle 3/2/2006
22. My Lost Love 2/14/2006
23. My Sister 2/15/2006
24. My Magic Box 2/12/2006
25. A Day Outside 2/13/2006
26. I Hate You Daddy 2/12/2006
27. Smile 2/12/2006
28. My True Love 2/22/2006

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My True Love

When you're in pain, I will endure pain.
When you cry, I will perceive your sorrow.
When you're ill, I will restore your health.
When you're cold, I will be your insulation.
When you feel hunger, I will nourish you.
When you're weak, I will be your strength.
When you no longer breath, I will harbour your memory.
When you stray, I will forgive you.
When you shout, I will not rise to your holler.
When you want to be alone, I will permit you space.
When you no longer feel love, I will not blame you.
When you argue, I will not strike back.
When you no longer ...

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Your Fuorescence

Your fluorescence is invisible to others.
Only I see your magical colours of your soul.
You illuminate my darkest days with love.
Your wings embrace me with so much warmth.
Your angelic voice sings along in harmony.

Your fluorescence illuminates my rays of passion.
Passion for your eternal love I feel a desperate need.
Angels rejoicing for they approach to claim you.

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