Deepak S S Poems

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Falling Qualities

News of ice meting in Antarctica is not worrisome
When I compare it with falling human values
The two ends of a thread will not tie the world
unless we try to unite our values together.

Another Reason For Growing Beard

Since the mask has become dress code
I started to grow my beard
Not out of love or fear
because I fear for my identity now.

To Good To Be True...

Roses without thorn,
rain without clouds
smoke without fire
too good to be true....

Alexandrine - हम साथ साथ हैं

मेरा प्रेम शहद के समान निर्मल है,
हाथ से चुने हुए फूलों से तैयार किया हुआ.
मधुमक्खियों का एक सहयोगी प्रयास है,
मेरे अस्तित्व के दर्द को कम करता है:

Only...Guess What?

Eyes cannot see only heart can - guess what?
Ears cannot listen to but heart can- guess what?
Nose cannot smell but heart can - guess what?

Silence Returns

Birds chirping and some calming music in the morning,
The beautiful bird songs are gradually
replaced by the harsh roar of factories and traffic
as the day goes on.


Hostility may result in animosity and calamity
no level of affection can bridge the divides
it will transform into a torturous nightmare
thus, exercise prudence in your decisions

Negotiations On..

Two politicians at dinner table
Holding roasted toast
A glass of wine
And some papers to sign

How World Will End?

Shall I take it the next level of hate
when people become enemies of people,
Nation will start supressing other nations
Tribes will fight for their supremacy

Horrors Of War - Ukraine

Despite the chaos of war and conflict,
there is always a glimmer of hope in our lives.
Even on the darkest nights and most gloomy days,
we remain optimistic and confident.

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