delalorm fiaka

Rookie [kosi.fiaka] (19th JUNE 1988 / ACCRA, GHANA)

delalorm fiaka Poems

1. Ripples 4/13/2013
2. Enemy Within 4/13/2013
3. Kings? Or Pins? 4/13/2013
4. From The Soul Through To The Sole. 4/13/2013
5. Voices In A Bottle 4/13/2013
6. Atemuda 4/13/2013
7. Tick Tock..Why Wait In Shock? 4/13/2013
8. A Hole In The Whole Identity. 4/13/2013
9. Salvos Of The Fugitive 4/16/2013
10. My Psalm 12/29/2013
11. Soot On The Mirror 12/29/2013
12. When It Reigns It Paws 12/29/2013
13. I Sure Will Be There...Or? 12/29/2013
14. Whines Before Wine 12/29/2013
15. Coin 12/29/2013
16. Snaps Of Schnapps Of Oblivion 12/29/2013
17. To My Grandmother 12/29/2013
18. You, You Me And Us 12/29/2013
19. All The Days Of My Life 6/3/2014
20. The Odder Side Of The Other Side 12/29/2013
21. In The Very Crust Of Retrogression 12/29/2013
22. Now And Then 12/29/2013
23. Sans Kania! 4/13/2013
24. Incandescent Pretence! 4/13/2013
25. Just Call Me Victory! ! ! 4/26/2013
Best Poem of delalorm fiaka

Just Call Me Victory! ! !

When i stepped into the ring..
i didn't aim to fight..i came to win..
when i heard the commencing bell ring...
on the crown i set my sights...complacency in the bin..

When they threw the first punch...
i grimaced, then i stuttered...
then steadied and remained staunch...
red faced..pulse fast paced but resilience far from shattered...

Then i mustered my first jab..
aimed straight at the temples..
a mastered duck met could sometimes be a crab..
headless to my combos..swish dodgy ensembles..

Get into the corner...
who? me? the ...

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The nile has been provoked
With contempt its calm waters have been forcefully choked
A rod of malice continually poked
The pupils of the populace, shredding sanity’s cloak

The coast of ivory drips with savagery
Frantic attempts to raise a forest from a single tree
Personified treachery
Debauchery of the greatest pedigree

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