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Blood of an Innoccent Little Vampire, Maria
By, Demon


Vampire Lover
By, Demon

My wings are broken,

(actually true about thinking about it)

Cutting it hurts me,

Death Bed
By, Demon

Death it comes slowly,

By, Demon Uchiha



Burn brightly,
Oh such delight,
This fire brings me,

What brings me to my last breath,
Whats going to be my choice to end it all,
Depression and Lies,
Broken into pieces too many times,

No Longer Feeling
By. Demon

ur alone in the world,

Lil Kitty

dont cry lil kitty cat,


By. Demon

Fallen to the nevermore,

Unseen and undone,
this winding place,
it never ends twice,
it holds no place,

Pain and dispair,
I wear it like a veil,
the torture and screaming,
is all I hear in this nightmare,

unsurprising is the word pain,
always hurting and breaking you down,
a disease it is flowing throughout your body,
a virus thats let lose,

reach your hands up to the sky,
reach high but don't look down,
hold strong to what you got,
don't let anyone take it away,

the pain it hurts deep inside,
never leaving or breathing,
never speaking in your mind,
always hurting in the time,

have faith in yourself,
thats all you need,
don't think of all the wrong,
thats been going on,


By, Demon

Your poison is taking over me,

I Should Know
By, Demon

I should know where to walk,


Breathing down my neck,
Then u kiss me so sweetly,



I'm at deaths door,
Fallen and no more,

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Blood Of An Innoccent Little Vampire, Maria

Blood of an Innoccent Little Vampire, Maria
By, Demon

Maria come to me,
Mom will sing a song to you that she once knew,
Far that angel did cross and he gave me my dear Maria,
Oh my Maria that I love so,
My little angel,
My angel of white and black,
My dear angel that I named my Maria,
My little angel covered in blood,
Oh my Maria what have you done,
Blood covering your whole body,
So many dead bodies on the floor,
So much blood every where on you and me,
The bite marks on our bodies,
Where did they come from my dear Maria,
The blood dripping from our mouths,
Oh my Maria what have we done,
The blood tastes so good to us,
The angel that gave me my Maria,
Wasn’t an angel he was a vampire,
A white haired demon with blood red eyes,
Our fangs paired with our angelic vampire.

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