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Denis Martindale Poems

161. Arctic Hero? 12/19/2014
162. Arctic Icons 10/9/2012
163. Arctic Spirits 12/24/2013
164. Arctic Sun 11/15/2009
165. Arctic Sun Ii 10/16/2010
166. Arctic Sun, Too 8/13/2017
167. Arctic Wanderer 11/17/2010
168. Are You Fishing For Compliments! ? 2/9/2016
169. Are You Making Progress, Pilgrim? 7/22/2018
170. Aristocrat 6/10/2009
171. Armageddon Corner! 4/7/2017
172. Arrogance 2/25/2012
173. Arrow 10/23/2018
174. Arrow! 9/23/2015
175. Art, The Passion Of The Ages... 2/9/2019
176. Artist On The Go! 9/30/2017
177. Artistic Licence 8/28/2017
178. Artwork That Inspires Poetry 11/1/2013
179. As Cold As Canada! 3/23/2017
180. As Faithful As Forever 10/22/2003
181. As Fantastic As Photosynthesis! 2/13/2017
182. As Free As A Fox? 10/23/2003
183. As Frightening As Lightning! 10/10/2019
184. As Light As A Feather! 11/3/2013
185. As Resplendent As A Renoir! 10/23/2003
186. As Safe As Houses... 2/21/2016
187. As Scared As A Skinflint! 2/12/2017
188. As Steadfast As A Lighthouse! 10/23/2013
189. As They Say, You Had To Be There! 8/6/2018
190. Ascending To Heaven 7/23/2013
191. Ask Not For Whom The Bell Tolls 5/1/2009
192. At Halloween 10/27/2011
193. At The Foot Of The Cross... 8/8/2017
194. Attentive 4/21/2012
195. Attentive, Too 4/27/2015
196. Attractive 3/21/2020
197. August... 8/14/2019
198. Authority, Submission, Obedience! 7/12/2018
199. Autumn And Beyond! 6/30/2016
200. Awakening Thanks To Revelation! 9/27/2018

Comments about Denis Martindale

  • Rajnish Manga Rajnish Manga (4/28/2020 12:27:00 PM)

    The Penniless Poet by Denis Martindale is quite an interesting poem.
    It throws light on the poet's methodology towards creating his poetry.

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  • Rajnish Manga Rajnish Manga (2/22/2020 10:01:00 PM)

    Inspired by my verse…
    No point in doing worse…//.... (Write A Poem About Yourself!) Lovely poem with a captivating poetic expression.
    Do you find it embarrassing to receive appreciative comments or rather critical feedback? Anyway, I respect your choice.

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  • Donna Hoyt. (12/4/2019 6:33:00 PM)

    The revelation of the Rapture is the poem I wish to recite on my yahoo page. My channel is blessedbuhim00gmail.
    Thank you
    Donna Hoyt

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  • Donna Hoyt, (12/3/2019 4:37:00 PM)

    May I read you poem on my YouTube channel. Absolutely love the Rapture one. I will give full credit to you Dennis.

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  • Lorraine Margueritte Gasrel Black (4/14/2019 10:34:00 AM)

    Beautiful inspirational poetry..Love your poems.

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  • Oluwatosin Thomas Oluwatosin Thomas (3/4/2019 4:21:00 AM)

    I can't but keep saying thanks to for sharing this, honestly this is didactic enough to change a life for better. I love your power of imagery and your adopted style, your diction is awesome and easy to comprehend.

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  • Rajnish Manga Rajnish Manga (1/2/2019 10:07:00 PM)

    The seasons come, the seasons go... hold fast to all that's good...
    to bless us as it should...... as this New Year begins...
    Let's count God's blessings that amaze... as each lost soul Christ wins! (Nice poem. Thanks, Dear Friend)

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  • Dynamic MP @ 420 (12/20/2018 10:21:00 AM)

    good thoughts

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  • Eileen Marston (12/17/2018 3:39:00 PM)

    Dear Dennis,
    Thank you so much for sending your poem for me to read (through the Rev TV office) it is such a great poem with a wonderful message. I often hear your poems read out when I am watching RevTV, you have an amazing gift from the Lord which you are using to bless others with - awesome!

    God bless you with your ministry, Dennis, and thank you once again for sharing!


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Best Poem of Denis Martindale

* The Prestige Of The Poppy

Behold my form, my humble guise, my fragile fashioned grace.
Look deep within the giver’s eyes, some noble hopes to trace.
November’s here and folks look back to what heroes have bought.
They stood as one as things looked black, courageous as they fought.
Not all survived the grief-filled times. Not all returned scot-free.
Not all were able to pen rhymes of utmost misery.
I’m just a poppy, nothing more. I spilt no dropp of blood.
I didn’t wince with pain through war... nor turn the foul flood.
I didn’t march across the fields, nor swim against the tide
And yet I’m ...

Read the full of * The Prestige Of The Poppy

The Perfect Poem!

I wrote it last night while sleeping,
The dream unfolding all!
I penned the poem while weeping,
Repenting like Saint Paul!
Yes, so moved was I while writing
God sent an angel down...
I saw two armies while fighting
To gain some worldly crown!

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