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Born in Hampshire, United Kingdom. Spent large part of childhood in Malawi. Lived mostly in London and Brighton. Still living beside the sea in West Sussex.

Denise Antoni Poems

The Dream Of The Sea

The summer shimmers, glitters with promise.
There is so much to glean from the sea.
A clear wave of memory laps
My ankles, deep across the shifting sand

Sunrise At Rievaulx

Whorled stone, enwombed in time's green curves.
Along a knotted cord of path

Expectant aconites bloom, trembling white-clad girls


Along the lanes the rowan
Trees put out their fresh green tongues,
To taste again the young yellow dew
Of a new-honeyed sun.

Oscar And Endymion

Oscar Wilde:
Each man kills the thing he loves.
For his element is grief.

Approaching Tasmania

Rocks; a roiling vortex. Then, a lull and the first frozen breath
Of the ghost-ridden Antarctic.
A cold-sweated vessel with depleted cargo
Exhaling smoke and death

Denise Antoni Comments

Sharon Zwicker 12 January 2013

The Winter Garden, is magical. II believe that both of my parents came back to this earth as robins, and when I worry, they always appear. This to be captures my thoughts, and the words create a beautiful picture. Love it.

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