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One day, the trees sought a king,
A ruler their hopes would bring,
In the land where trees stood tall,
But in their quest, a cautionary call.

Dear President, I thank you so,
For setting aside any pride and ego.
To lend an ear to the opposition,
And seek solutions through cooperation.

Uranus, a wonder to explore,
A mystery to unravel and adore.
Seventh from the sun, a world of blue-green,
With secrets to unveil, like none you've seen.

'I am because we are, ' a truth profound,
In Ubuntu's philosophy, our humanity's found.
Our shared existence, interconnectedness so strong,
In unity we thrive, together we belong.

The power of thought is like a flame,
Burning bright within our brain,
It starts with a seed in the mind's eye,
And grows into a vision that can touch the sky.

Potential is untapped power, not defined solely by past performance,
Potential is a latent ability, not useful until put to purposeful action,
Potential is a hidden capacity, not just a measure of immediate success,
Potential is unrealized aptitude, not limited by circumstances.

Deep in the village, far from city's charm and gleam,
Primitive childhood days, with toys of mud we'd dream,
Swinging on tall tree branches, our airplanes up the skyways,
Butt scooting down the anthills, our high-end cars on highways.

I've set free my best, my finest now untamed,
Released her to the wild, to the terrains unnamed,
To you, O vast world, with humility I implore,
With kindness embrace her, she deserves more.

Leadership wrangles, a nation in turmoil,
Chaos and confusion, no end to the quarrel,
As leaders fight and bicker, the people suffer,
Their hopes and dreams, lost in the clutter.

Where does wisdom reside?
Where does understanding hide?
Not in the land of living souls,
Nor depths of seas, where vastness rolls.

To my beloved mother, Prisila Adoyo Aloo,
Whose love and guidance have helped me grow,
This anthology is a tribute true,
A testament to the bond we share, through and through.

In Ongata Rongai's club, a memory song weaves,
A tale of Newton Karish and daring thieves,
Late '90s, New Year's Eve, a lively show,
A sold-out crowd, in high spirits, they'd go.

Denish Aloo Biography

Aloo Denish (Full Name: Aloo Denish Obiero) is a Kenyan Bioscientist (Biochemist) , Leader and Writer. He is a passionate scientific researcher who has conducted extensive laboratory-based research and analysis for various institutions including hospitals, agricultural and industrial settings. He is a member of the ISO Standardization Technical committees in his country, specifically KEBS/TC 030 Biotechnology and KEBS/TC 021 Drinking Water Standardization Technical Committees. Apart from his scientific pursuits, Aloo is a passionate writer, author and poet; penning science articles, poems, and other general pieces.He is a fervent advocator of environmental conservation, transformative leadership, and the responsible use of science and technology to benefit humanity and the surrounding environment.)

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The Reign Of Thornbush

One day, the trees sought a king,
A ruler their hopes would bring,
In the land where trees stood tall,
But in their quest, a cautionary call.

To the olive tree, they first appealed,
'Be our king, ' they fervently revealed,
But the olive, revered and grand,
Declined, oil slipping through its hand.

'Shall I forsake my oil's divine glow,
That honors gods and humans so,
To rule over trees, in earthly domain?
No, my essence, I shall not profane.'

The fig tree, adorned with fruits so sweet,
Was beckoned to take the royal seat,
But it, too, refused their noble plea,
Preserving its purpose, fruitfully free.

'Shall I surrender my succulent prize,
The taste of delight that satisfies,
To govern the trees, in earthly embrace?
No, my harvest, I shall not erase.'

Next, the vine was summoned to sway,
'Come, be our king, ' the trees did say,
Yet, it, too, declined the sovereign plea,
Sparing its nectar's celestial decree.

'Shall I relinquish the wine I bestow,
That warms both gods and humans, aglow,
To rule over trees, in this mortal realm?
No, my elixir, I shall not o'erwhelm.'

Finally, they turned to the thornbush bare,
Desperate for a king, in their despair,
It offered shelter, with a warning clear,
A choice to embrace or face fire's sear.

'If you crown me king, your sovereign guide,
Seek refuge within my shade, wholly inside,
But reject this, and witness the fire,
Consuming cedars in a dreadful pyre! '

Too late did the trees learn a lesson profound,
As do good men who stay silent, unbound,
Choosing passivity in public affairs, they bear,
To be ruled by the malevolent, a price unfair.

So rise, oh virtuous souls, heed the plea,
Engage in the struggle, let your actions decree,
Take up the mantle, courageously embrace the fight,
For evil triumphs, only when good turns a blind sight.

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Simon Gitonga 23 July 2023

Nice one 👍

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Independence Day is not just a date on the calendar; it is a flame that ignites the spirit of every individual, reminding us that freedom is our birthright and courage is our strength. This day reminds us that true independence is not merely the absence of external control, but the resolute presence of self-determination. As we commemorate the valor of our fathers who valiantly fought for our freedom, let us honor their sacrifices by cultivating a society that values diversity, upholds justice, and champions the well-being of all. Our actions today will lay the foundation for a prosperous and harmonious nation. ~ Aloo Denish

A mother's love is the purest form of magic; a selfless masterpiece that knows no boundaries, defies all odds and endures all obstacles and challenges; it's a love painted with sacrifice, unrivalled dedication and unmatched devotion. Motherhood is indeed an act of unwavering faith and limitless optimism in the future wellbeing of the child ~ Aloo Denish

Behe's concept of Irreducible Complexity sparks curiosity among scientists, caught between Darwinian theory and the possibility of Intelligent Design. Regardless of whether Irreducible Complexity will gain full scientific legitimacy, will be deemed a creationist theory, or will become a point of convergence between Science and Faith, it is interestingly an additional fuel to the scientific quest. ~ Aloo Denish

Labor Day is a day to recognize the dignity of work and the contributions of working people to our society. Dedicated to no single man, sect or class, Labor Day celebrates the tireless collective efforts of all individuals striving to make our nation a better place for us, our children, and future generations. The farmer and the businessperson, the civil servant and the private sector worker, the state officers, all the workers..... let us honor their selfless service irrespective of their class or background. ~ Aloo Denish

Biochemistry is the alchemy of nature, transforming simple elements into the majestic tapestry of life.~Aloo Denish

Biochemistry illuminates the invisible pathways of life, guiding us towards a deeper understanding of the complex web of molecular interactions that shape our existence. ~ Aloo Denish

In the realm of biochemistry, every atom is a storyteller, revealing the secrets of life's molecular dance, unlocking the greatest mysteries of life 🧬 ~ Aloo Denish

The language of biochemistry speaks volumes, deciphering the molecular code that underlies the complexity of living organisms. ~ Aloo Denish

Biochemistry unveils the molecular blueprints of existence, empowering us to unravel the mysteries of life and harness its potential for the betterment of humankind.~ Aloo Denish

In the realm of science, curiosity is the catalyst that sparks the flame of innovation. ~ Aloo Denish

The pursuit of scientific knowledge is a symphony of observation, experimentation, and the harmonious dance of imagination and evidence. ~ Aloo Denish

The true power of science lies in its ability to challenge assumptions, dismantle misconceptions, and pave the way for new frontiers of understanding. ~ Aloo Denish

The quest for knowledge in science is a never-ending journey, where every answer births new questions. ~ Aloo Denish

Science is the catalyst of truth, a torch that illuminates the darkest corners of ignorance, transforming mysteries into knowledge. ~ Aloo Denish

Microbiology teaches us that size is no measure of significance; even the smallest microbe can wield immense power. Microbes are the silent warriors; these tiniest beings possess the strength to spark a revolution that can have monumental impacts in the world of science. ~ Aloo Denish

This day (Independence Day) reminds us that true independence is not merely the absence of external control, but the resolute presence of self-determination.

Labor Day is a day to recognize the dignity of work and the contributions of working people to our society.

Life is a delicate dance between holding on and letting go, finding balance in the ever-changing rhythms of existence.~ Aloo Denish

The pages of life's book turn swiftly, so let us fill them with stories worth sharing. ~Aloo Denish

I am driven by a profound belief in taking meaningful actions that advance the wellbeing of humanity and his environment; and I believe that each individual has a role to play regardless of the level, capacity, or sector involved, for we all share this collective responsibility. ~ Aloo Denish

Your potential remains useless unless utilized. ~ Aloo Denish

There is no scent of nostalgia like a fragrance drawn from the garden of childhood memories.

In the book of life, the chapter on childhood is written with the ink of innocence.

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