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My Friend

Through the darkness of the night
With only the radio to keep me upright
I have a thought of you with that radiant smile
With that I am good for another lonely mile


Many people get excited when they come into money
Others when they taste foods as sweet as honey
For me it is the fifteen minutes each day I get
Talking with my special friend Suzette!

My Broken Heart

I remember a song about a man with a broken heart
Asking how to fix it when it was ripped apart
Some say you should never love that hard again
So that you will not have to take it on the chin

Suzette's Dream

Under the sea, the big blue sea
There is a special place Suzette needs to be
A place that will allow her to live without fears
Nevermore to be saddled with heavy tears

A New Hope

Walking through the twilight of my life at times is sad
Thinking about the rough and tumble times I've had
The amount of time wasted on foolish dreams
That looks good at the start but never end up like it seams

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