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The Rebel

When everybody has short hair,
The rebel lets his hair grow long.
When everybody has long hair,
The rebel cuts his hair short.

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11 November 2014

Bardot, Byron, Hitler, Hemingway, Monroe, Sade: we do not require our heroes to be subtle, just to be big. Then we can depend on someone to make them subtle.

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micheal kors 25 April 2019

hey guys settle down its just some words on a page no need to freak out. kk ;)

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Dennis Joseph Enright 25 April 2019

hey steve if you're going to write a comment please put some effort into it great use of the four letter words you abomination, i hope you never learn enough letters read another one of my works! > : (

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steven yeun 25 April 2019

cool dude good poem keep up the work DJ

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Dennis Joseph Enright (11 March 1920 – 31 December 2002) was a British academic, poet, novelist and critic, and general man of letters.

He was born in Royal Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, and educated at Leamington College and Downing College, Cambridge. After graduating he held a number of academic posts outside the United Kingdom: in Egypt, Jap ...

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