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Am not flawless.
In your hands am powerless.
Am fluorescent,
Does if any; Your kindness

They said, today it's me,
Tomorrow it will be you,
I ignored them.
Yesterday, it was the other Guy:

Yesterday's sorrows died with the setting sun.
Today what follows but absolute fun!
Take a good look and give yourself a smile.
By crook or hook......take your mind on a trail.

Adorable Lady
Would you be my valentine?
Adorable lady
Care for some alcohol free wine?

We are bold
We are resilient
We are divergent
We are loving

Found the world over
They are among us
We among their number
We are; as they are

Precipitation is upon us
Hoe in hand, turn soil inside out.
Food security; we hope to acquire
Precipitation is upon us

Am a bird, flightless.
Caught up in a life ruthless
Another year of madness
My thoughts stained

88 Piano keys co-exist
we shake and dance to
the rhythm they make.
The chances we take,

Dangled Carrot

Mama; absurd the wickedness of lady luck
Malnourished baby strapped on your back

The Parasite

In you it feels like it’s in paradise
That malaria parasite

Me thought black was beautiful
Me knows black is beautiful
African woman black is a pleasure
Your chocolate look is what I treasure.


Our skepticism preposterous
We the deluded hoi polloi

You know, you a perfect friend
You always with me, that I know.
Singing birds; your birthday song
Dancing heart; my smile for you

Within that, I exercise my responsibility,
Like ambiguity cast in concrete;
Your understanding of complexity,
Uninspiringly full of desecrate.

Your strength shears through me
I feel you; without touching you.
The sting of a bee,
Cannot stop me tasting the honey.

I looked at her with a straight face
My heart started to race
My speech was cursed
She’d turn me down


Her eyes big in a small way
She is petit, elegantly wholesome
Says am handsome, awesome
Silky singing voice when she speaks.

Blame nature he's a vulture
the torment great
a modest life
comfort zone torn

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Am not flawless.
In your hands am powerless.
Am fluorescent,
Does if any; Your kindness
Nibble at my blindness?
Fear of losing you;
Of life in the blue,
Without my beu.
Transcends logic.
Am lost in your magic.
Are my feelings tragic?
Am at ease with you in sight.
If it ends in delight.
The struggle aint a fight,
Pigheaded state of fright:
Soul tormenting slate.
Am a lost appetite;
Sometimes feelings are trite.

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