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Love, are you the one?
Who burns inside eloping couples,
Cries after the lost ones,
Springs revenge in on being jilted,

Eve, What does the world call you?
Vamp, devil, witch, nympho.
The cause of all troubles.
A reason to blame women.


I can feel it coming
Soft is my philosophy
I love peace
I love Me

What a dragon is Tibet?
Spirituality raises its trees
from the soil fertile.
Its culture emits breezes


Why am I 'I'?
My hands,
My legs,
My head,

In the Golden age
what is yours is everyones,
what is mine is everyones.

I love,
I hate,
I happy,
I sad,

You stole me from my mother, nature,
And imprisoned me into plastic bottles
With strange names on it.
Let me out! Give me my freedom!


I have to run
I have to win

My Love! I can't see thee,
The smoke is blinding my eyes.
The city stinks.
Garbage drains my soul.


A second ago I felt you
Now I have no feeling
A moment later I may feel


One hair of my head is standing straight
It is standing on top of the world
All the other hairs of
All the Othe people

I stole your money
I raped you
I killed all your relatives
I did everything for my happiness

Give me that dog
Give me that girl
Give me that hog
Give me that earl


I love you
I respect you
I like you
I want to touch you

Something there is that doesn't love exams,
That sends the frozen-brains-swell under it,
And splits the upper senses in the sun;
and make gaps even two can fail a test.

Zillion cells
Billion nurons
Four hands
Four legs


Holy Priest blesses couple.
Couple promises.
Until death...until death

God is Female.
Can we imaging God
with male tube and sack
hanging helplessly from Her

Denvor fernandez Biography

He was born in Palakkad, kerala in India.He is an Anglo-Indian.Presently, he is trying to pursue his ambition of becoming a novelist and a movie maker.He did his MA in English literature in Loyola College, Chennai and his B.Ed from NSS Training College, Otappalam. He published a collection of short-stories Meta-man and the Gene-marker in 2013 and his first novel Rebirths in 2014.

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Love Or Love

Love, are you the one?
Who burns inside eloping couples,
Cries after the lost ones,
Springs revenge in on being jilted,
Fills the brain with wild emotions.
Wild self-destructive emotions.

Love, are you lust?
which fires the world with energy,
Forces people into that divine touch
which makes them hate.
A hate which makes them angry
A lifelong self-destructive anger.

Love, can we make you
on bed with our loving hearts,
filling our blood with heat,
touching deeper and deeper,
kissing deeper and deeper,
which finally will make us multiply.

Love, can you be kind
As you are? Can you bring the
World together? Can you?
Can you make us reach God?
Who you are, after all.
Do you cry? Do you laugh?

Love, are you the one?
who brought Jesus into this world.
You taught us peace,
patience, joy and gentleness.
Charity, faith and piety.
But you are still a mystery.

Love, are you Jesus?
You are not envious,
boastful, arrogant or rude.
You do not do evil.
You are the truth
which will save all.

Lets make love.
Lets make Love.

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