Dermot McGarthy

Dermot McGarthy Poems

1. Cocoon 1/17/2013
2. Postcard From Basildon 3/28/2013
3. Atlantis 3/28/2013
4. The Journey 6/27/2016
5. Below In Killarney 5/12/2017
6. Signals. 5/12/2017
7. Happily Ever After 5/12/2017
8. The Craft 7/19/2017
9. For Joey Ramone 1951-2001 5/19/2014
10. Wally Lives In Wisconsin 1/17/2013
11. The Crossword 3/15/2013
12. Final Day 3/27/2013
13. Killing Time 3/30/2013
14. King Of The Jungle 3/28/2013
15. Nature Always Wins 1/20/2013
16. The Search 1/18/2013
Best Poem of Dermot McGarthy

The Search

Seagulls congregate like taxis along the liffey walls,
Lovers lock lips for September memories,
As street beggars inspect their daily hauls.
A man trudges homeward under the heavy burden of guilt,
Another searches for his conscience in vain,
Among the city's filth.
Youngsters sail by in innocent guile,
Judge, jury and defendants in some far flung future trial.
Life's sinful soldiers eagerly possessed,
Mingle freely with the sorrowful, the gentle, the repressed.
If the volume were turned down,
Then we could see the true color of this town,
No beeps, ...

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Nature Always Wins

The tricolor of blue,
Mingles with the sea's essence, and,
Newly born memories of you,
Like the cascades of pink and green,
In the after-light of the fountain's hue.

The sound of the waves crashing,
Like deafening applause,
Lauding the star that is,

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