Desert Jewel

Desert Jewel Poems

Stars vanished from sight when darkness came and swallowed the night
as I wallowed around my bed in fright
Sleepless, I could not evade it,
my mind had been invaded,

Did I imagine you? Or, are you real?
Did I simply make tangible the thing I feel?
I speak (in tangents) , and you, silent eyes
whisper sweet essence into

vermilion rose bud blossoms
field of sapphire
burning gold
unfold within me


stretches beyond
mere fascination,

Perceived Perfection
to yield him an erection

A temporary deception

To you who feel entitled,
self righteous,

the right to claim grains of sand

The Best Poem Of Desert Jewel

Modern Reflection On Nature

Oh, fragile moon,
unsteady above the
steel structured city
where dwells a modern fool

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Desert Jewel Popularity

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