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My Tears Will Win

As I lay here in my bed at night,
My urge to cry, I try to fight,
The day has been a total spin,
I realize my tears will win,
When it's all too much to bare,
When I simply just don't care,
I'll reach for my blade, and grip it tight,
I'll clench my fists, my nuckles white,
I'll drag the blade across my skin,
Deeper and deeper the blade goes in,
Suddenly I feel control,
And instantly, I feel more whole,
I know what I've done is a horrible thing,
As I stare at my wrists, that so painfully sting,
I tell myself, I deserved everything,
To the bathroom, myself I bring,
I clapse on the floor,
My body aching sore,
I put a cloth to my cuts,
And I close eyes shut,
To myself, I wish my life would end,
For my blades my only friend.

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