Desiree Whitamore

Desiree Whitamore Poems

81. Kind Of A Metaphor...I Think. 12/5/2007
82. Story Of A Little Girl 12/6/2007
83. Causes Have Effects 12/7/2007
84. Gone All Along 3/20/2008
85. 'But Hidden In The Past Of Yesterday' 3/20/2008
86. Breaks My Heart To Comfort My Crying 3/20/2008
87. An Ending That Has Yet To Come Or Change 3/27/2008
88. A Crossroads Of Tearing Apart 3/28/2008
89. All On My Own 3/30/2008
90. Enough To Reach The Sky 4/1/2008
91. Bruno 4/1/2008
92. A Mistake 4/2/2008
93. Always Four (Not Sure About The Last Line) 4/4/2008
94. Its Infuriating (Thanks C) 4/4/2008
95. Just Because You'Re Not Here. 4/4/2008
96. All That Is Lost 4/5/2008
97. Where The Cold Road Goes 4/9/2008
98. Alli Feel 4/14/2008
99. A Story 4/15/2008
100. Afraid, I Am Not 4/17/2008
101. Abandoning Me 4/17/2008
102. On My Own 4/24/2008
103. And You'Ll Hear Me Cry 4/24/2008
104. Lions Don'T Talk 4/24/2008
105. Crazy 4/24/2008
106. Dreaming My Future 4/24/2008
107. Lightning Strikes 4/24/2008
108. I Hate You Too. 4/25/2008
109. Joking 4/25/2008
110. A Disguise 5/2/2008
111. Temporary Insanity 5/7/2008
112. Here's A Fire 9/23/2008
113. Time Is A Battle 9/25/2008
114. Mom Do You See What You'Re Doing? 9/26/2008
115. Hate, Hate Alot 10/8/2008
116. Tdg 10/8/2008
117. Not There. Not Anywhere. Stay. 10/13/2008
118. The Agenda I'M Refusing 10/13/2008
119. An End To Me 10/22/2008
120. I'M Failing, Its True. 10/23/2008

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  • p.a. noushad p.a. noushad (10/14/2009 5:16:00 AM)

    you are a poet of good ideas, i like your poems

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  • Fred Babbin (1/10/2008 9:57:00 PM)

    O.K. You got me. I'll have to reread you poem in the morning. Nobody's perfect.

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Best Poem of Desiree Whitamore


Pimples, growth, and weight,
emotions, pitch, the rules change.
suddenly emotional and not understanding why,
suddenly indestructible, and getting into fights.
parents now seem so uncool,
grades start slipping,
you get warnings from your school.
people start to look at you in very grown up ways.
adults start making excuses: 'they're just going through a phase.'. feelings that nobody cares.
going to parties, no more innocent musical chairs.
you get your first kiss, you experience passion.
your social life starts to climb, starts becoming a ...

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Past memories are always a pain if you're me.
The only things you never forget are the fun you used to have.
With no strings attached.
And if somehow he doesn't remember, you will never talk about how he expected you to be something you're not. all alone, with out him. and how good it felt walking cupcake at night with him, in a foreign state of mind.
And somehow when you're with him, it never crosses his mind how much your heart is being torn apart with hurt because he doesn't care.

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