Destry Miller Poems

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Night Skies

When I look up
At the night sky
I admit I tremble
And I'll tell you why

Mister Spider

Caught in a web
Was a little fly
Trapped and helpless
Waiting to die

Jealous Moon

Oh jealous moon, do not weep, no tears for missed daylight.
The unmerciful sun shines too bright, and hot, and cruel.
The sun is unforgiving, scorching all in sight.
Do not weep, for what is there to see?


I feel like i could fly
If only i had wings
Like i could touch the sky
While i sing

No One

Do you see her tears fall,
from her sad eyes they came,
as she walks down the hall,
do you even know her name.

Castles Of Ice

I shiver violently with the breeze
My heart flutters despite the chill
Winter's Dawn is finally here
To create her wonderland

Sweet Petals

Oh sweet spring, flowers do fill me with joy
The lovely wind across my bare skin
the warm smell of grass in the air
I lay my head on daisies

Long Gone

My bright summer days
Are long gone
The cold frigid emptiness
Is all around

Only Because

I smile only because if i didn't
I'd frown
I laugh onlybecause if i didn't
I'd cry

To Be A Star

How would it be
To be a star
What would i see
From way up far...

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