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Were all toy soldiers
Just trying to keep our composures
Were in the war
To get more

The eyes are what tell
The truth that lies under
From these eyes I fell
Like falling thunder

Looking throw a window what I see
Half of you, half of me
Together forever, separated by seas
You left so young, so very small

Roses are red, violets are blue
But there's no words, to describe my love for u 
But u already know 
There's no way to show 

I'm on a bridge
I'm on a ledge
I'm going to die
But I'm not afraid to say goodbye


The red water that flows
On and between my toes
From my head to the floor
here is where I am

So much depends on
The world around us
Filled with rain
Made with pain

Swishing splashing
Summer fun from
Sea to sea
Side to side the


Smile brightly
Silly it may seam
Small it my be
Smiling is a gesture

Laughing we must experience to know
Lying is something most people don't want
Loving is something we crave from others
Laughing, lying, loving all come to you in life

I'm not afraid, to take a stand
Everybody, come take my han
to join the fights
For our rights

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Like Toy Soldiers

Were all toy soldiers
Just trying to keep our composures
Were in the war
To get more
To be at the top
Not to stop
Step by step along the wall
In the hall
Justt like that
We're all toy soldiers
Falling down, to rise
Defending our lies
Like toy soldiers
Seal my lips
While her head tips
To make the commands
To her toy soldiers
We all fall down to get back up
Just like toy soldiers
We take the hit
Without a fit
We all come down like toy soldiers

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