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If I was to ever call
Without a doubt
He'd be there
Even if it was his last

I will rise above whoever
No boundary can stop me
I will accomplish whatever
Theres no stopping for you or me

What kind of mother wants her child to fail so badly? What kind of mother would do more than an enemy to hurt me? Don't you know that I am your own flesh

I never knew how much I called you
Never knew how much you texted
Never knew how much I missed you
until you got taken away


My heart was once missing
What you couldn't fufill
but now you're showing me that
This love is real

I got so much heartache
and so much pain
so why should my man
be the blame

I remember that last kiss
as you left once again
Had to return and fight for our country
A battle you claim will never end

Little johnny paced the home
of a house that wasn't his
He couldn't believe his wife
He couldn't believe the mother of his kids

I'm waiting for you to break down,
And tell me how much you need me,
I'm waiting for you to look me in the eyes,
And tell me how much you love me,

Man down....
Somebody get him some help
He did her wrong
And she shot him to death

I was at home
When I saw an old shirt
Thought I got rid of all of you
Now your presense rebirths

Tears fall slowly
from her angry face
As once again
Her mind tries to erase

Im lonley but not alone.
Im in a house dats not my home.
Im sufferin pain dats not my own.
Im searchin for a place.

Hate it or love it.
I aint going no where.
So when you wake up.
Im going to be right there.

Everything he told me
I would believe
Something about his precense
Swifting next to me

Each time the wind blows
Her name is being whispered
Someone is mumbling bout the past
So open your eyes an listen

The birds are chirping loudly
The palm trees swaying
The sun is up high
All the kids are playing

My eyes were burning with fire
My mind was full of rage
My face read hatred
Everytime I heard your name

I look over to my right
And see this angel beside me
A gift from heaven
Laying down next to me


Am I crazy
for thinking you'd be here for me
Am I stupid
for wanting you to marry me

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I believe poetry is my middle name, although it's not on my birth certificate. Writing is my passion! It motivates me and helps me release all of my feelings.I currently have no kids and I'm attending college. Besides my talent of writing, I can act, sing, an do hair. As of right now education is what I value most in life! That and my boyfriend! I list him as my top priority because I am his.There is not a soul on this earth that makes me feel as happy as he does.)

The Best Poem Of Diamond Williams

Unconditional Love

If I was to ever call
Without a doubt
He'd be there
Even if it was his last
He'd give it all to me
And not even care
I like the feeling
Of knowing someone loves me back
Unconditonal love
Is what I'll have to call that
I'm proud to say
I haven't met another
Who needs me so much
That I never have to suffer
I like the feeling
Of knowing I complete him
Unconditional Love
Is what Ill have to name him
I know he's the reason
My heart beats
The only man who
Truly knocked me from my feet
Surely he'll be my husband
And the father of my kids
Unconditional love between us
Truly exist

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Diamond Williams Popularity

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