Diana Kwiatkowski Rubin

Diana Kwiatkowski Rubin

Piscataway, New Jersey, USA
Diana Kwiatkowski Rubin
Piscataway, New Jersey, USA
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Their sun bleached bones
Chant of unwarranted survival.
Desert winds haunt memory.
Into the caverns of death,

Maid Service

At twilight, frost fell
An ethereal net of gossamer
As dreams parted.
the smell of cabbage rose


You emerged from aristocracy
In belted linen tunic
Moving among local peasants
With a splash of iris

Diana Kwiatkowski Rubin Comments

Rob Johansson 09 December 2020

A truly gifted and underrated poet.

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Bill Scully 13 March 2019

I had the pleasure of meeting Diana in another life. She inspired me to write then and after having read Fossils, Maid Service and Tolstoy, I am very pleased to see that she continues to write with the same passion.

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