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If your reckless mind unobserved
wanders into the deep dark sea,
then swim towards the lapping shore
and walk towards the tall oak tree

I went walking beneath an English sky,
around dormant fields churned winter brown.
The chill air on my face was crisp and dry.
The path I walked waved up and down


They fly through my heart
small measures of joy
beating away
early morning

Come; let us walk towards the water's edge
through soft green grass, adorned with wild flowers.
Sheltered on a blanket spread, we will stretch
beneath the shadow of the Alder's boughs.

My words will carry swift upon the wind
and speed across the stormy ocean waves.
No hurricane will stunt their flying wings
or find them left outcast amongst the brave.

pushes up
against my face.

The sky was blue today.
Sun light glinted on my eye lids and bare stretching branches.
Along the railway embankment, though it is early spring,
the spindly matted trees, silhouetted against the cloudless sky,

In my garden a new rose blooms,
velvet red with heady sweet perfume.
The rose bush itself is carefully tended,
fertilized, when best remembered.

The new bedroom,
which I built in my head
for what seemed an endless time waits,
with full boxes for her return.

wings fulgent in

It is morning and the promise of day
sweeps across the sky.
Meadow grasses oscillate gently in the
dolce wind.

This autumn day, gossamer mist
lies low across the field kiss'd
by tiny glist'ning pearls cleaving
to tawny buckled blades weaving

Death, you have spent too long in the desert,
move away. Let kindly soothing winds wrap
gentle discourse around past pain and hurt
and mend the rift that tears the growing gap.

Crocuses bloom above the grass
that winter, which has yet to pass
has kept from growing in the parks
and gardens.

In this moment in front of me
a sparrow flown down from a tree
has folded its magnificent wings.
Feather'd tessellated markings


It is the hollow
of your shoulder blade
where I rest my head

Bright new day, familiar in its dawning
ripens as swelling fruit on the apple
tree; full of song this maturing morning
promising sweet for the autumn table.

Before me thy beauty sparkles.

Woven into your long cool deliciousness bubbles rise
perfect in their minuteness.

During lockdown Lucy drove by
with a few plants for me to try
to grow outdoors in pots and tubs.
Not pretty flowers or green shrubs


The wind is quiet
Fine rain falling softly
on the garden pond
leaves no trace.

The Best Poem Of Diana Rosser

The Shady Path

If your reckless mind unobserved
wanders into the deep dark sea,
then swim towards the lapping shore
and walk towards the tall oak tree
at the start of the ancient wood.

It's there you will find the shady path
you walked that English summer's day
when the sun shone through high above
and sprinkled stars along the way
lighting the ground beneath your feet.

Remember, you were not alone,
walking beside you was the one
who showed that the shady path
was an adventure that begun
at the start of the ancient wood.

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