Dianne Crawford Poems

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To: Jim

You was a very good person you was always there for me.

As you passed away I knew my life was never going to be the same.

Miracles Just For Us

Each passing day the sunshine so brightly as we learn a lesson of special ways for God's miracles are many of every season.

God made for us all the beautiful things, we can see and touch, and even smell. His work is wonderful; with define power as were put on this earth; with everything into place, yet we can grow from a tiny seed one beautiful flower; how wonderful a mircale just for us.


Out of sight; as I let you go.

Many animals will be removed off this earth one day.

Lonely Hours

I mainly waste alot of time each and everyday.

As I fantasize about a man I barely know; with many lonely hours for just one more look at him, but I can't call this love not yet.

I Will Miss You

I feel your touch each and everyday and night when together.

I smile and laugh; with you.

The Sunneyside Of Sunset

The sun above the horizon a result of radation of the earth; with direct rays of warmth; light which the sun's light......... shiney; with radate warmth; and cheer; with alot of happiness and joy.

As the day is marked; with brilliant, and sunlight just to brighten, and warm the day by the sun.

Best Friends Forever More

It's confusing as I look upon all my friends.

Strangers...........but when I get to know them they soon just become a name.

The Day

Close By


Try to live inside a tryangle.

Holes for dreams, those shadwos, lok at the pattern on that page.

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