Dijon Noble

Dijon Noble Poems

1. Evening Starlight 3/5/2013
2. Ah, Sigh 3/5/2013
3. Always On My Way 3/5/2013
4. Birth And Renewal 3/5/2013
5. Blinded By Darkness 3/5/2013
6. Empty Everything, Fulfill Nothing 3/5/2013
7. For My Reflection 3/5/2013
8. Found Wanting And Lost Nothing 3/5/2013
9. Gazing Intently Upward 3/5/2013
10. I See Myself 3/5/2013
11. In Need Of Assistance 3/5/2013
12. Left Me With No Peace 3/5/2013
13. Living Water 3/5/2013
14. Minds Concern For Heart 3/5/2013
15. My Imagination In Person 3/5/2013
16. Right By Me 3/5/2013
17. When Water Breaks 3/5/2013
18. You Cannot Take It With You 4/3/2013
19. Never Will I Miss The Soulless 4/3/2013
20. They Too Shall Pass 4/3/2013

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Best Poem of Dijon Noble

Ah, Sigh

In my thought I picture you with me, and my intent brought you within close proximity.

To look at you causes longing and the will to freely hear of the pain you are holding, although your laughter causes tranquility to be brought before me.

I may revivify your mind's eye through a words pronouncement, your eyes hold within them love for me in contrast to your heartless actions.

But my attachment to you is fertile like soil and unconditioned, but what you bring to me instead of growth is the stress of your accumulated experiences.

Open your emotions to me and may...

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Always On My Way

I seek refuge in the next day while escaping the last; I grew bitter with the present while recollecting the sweetness of the past.

Hope in the midst of struggle is the bright star which lights my path in this bleak night, it alighted upon my heart and mind so distant in my vision but still contained within my sight.

The essence that gave me my breath may provide the essence that will extinguish my longing, but by my life the heat and warmth of longing has caused the biting cold of frust

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