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I am a beginner of serious writing. I write short stories and poems. I am hoping to be successful author one day.

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Joshua Swanson 19 October 2008

Your life story is just tragic isn't it.

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Joshua Swanson 11 October 2008

Hey Dillon. Writing anything lately. Decided to see this website since you talk about it nonstop. Well anyway. Have a nice fall break.

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The Best Poem Of Dillon Gay

Media Mind-Control

A little boy watching television
'Batteries not included' influences his decision
On his new G.I. Joes
The T.V. he is staring at should be one of his greatest foes

'Oh that, that's not cool anymore.'
Because the man in the box said moments before
Lets shell out our money to mass corporations
Before we even think about it, we are set in animation

'I'm so ugly. I'm too fat! '
There's nothing wrong with her; why would she say that?
The flickering, bright box is full of ladies with perfect elegance
But examine them more closely; some are not worth the glamourous romance

The media is our slave and master
Pulling us with much rave and faster
It is mind control, no subliminal messages involved
Just hearing it broadly and the problem is solved

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Dillon Gay Popularity

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