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In Search

Alit on a limb, alone on a tree.
Nobody? I ask him. Nobody. Says he.

Fly here with me, and someone we'll find.

Mothers Day

The love that starts at birth,
The love that starved the Earth,
The love you give every day,
The love that never fades,


Pygmalion! Ye of unsurpassed talent,
That spawned a figure of such perfect form
It caused your yearning heart to lament,
And wish that it were woman-born.


Long have my eyes been open,
Longer has my chest been sealed.
Over the years I have seen my soul chosen
Out of the tears and all the pitiful appeals,

Never Say Never

A flower never smelled so sweet,
As when it is under your fleet bare feet,
The birds never sang so clear
As when you stroll near enough to hear,

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I wish I knew what I wanted to do, but I don't.
I wish I would find a way to you, but I won't.
I wish I could find what to say, but I can't.
So here I'll stay, while there you stand.

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