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When you are not with me

When you are away
The moon hides behind the clouds, moonlight goes to sleep

Without any companion
I stop somewhere

Thought, you too with me

Lost (Mita bhash)

Suddenly I have lost...searching whole day.... Couldn't find... Thought, I will never get
Can't Imazina, where it lost...

A musket

What is this musket?
It is a Putana musket

Grief - stricken

Tear knows too that

I have no regret

You were not there to share
my moment of grief

Sometimes I (Mita-Bhash -Short Expressions)

Sometimes I cann't able anything...
And sometimes unable to bear.....

(Mita-Bhash, short expressions)



Sometimes loneliness measures

আন্ধাৰ মানুহবোৰ
দীপ্তি দেউৰী বৰা

গলিয়ে গলিয়ে গলি আছে

দীপ্তি দেউৰী বৰা

Don'twake me(Mita-bhash, short expression)

Don't wake me

A day of Love

Be my paramour
Be that chirruping chore

Don't ever frighten me in the name of God
I know God is the greatest weakness for people
Like people are so worried about one providence
Some people wish to build a bridge in the name of God


Had a lots of talk with you today

Mistakenly only once tell me that you love me

If you would stay with me tonight

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When You Are Not With Me, Origin By Dipti Deori Borah, Translated By Bimal Phukan

When you are not with me

When you are away
The moon hides behind the clouds, moonlight goes to sleep
The sky is indifferent
The fogs turns in to drops of tear.

My ear-rings drop loose when you are not with me
Moonlight sheds tears on jonbiris
Gamkharu does not dazzle
Stars that were green become a meteor
Night is a dark, big forest.
Without you by my side words are lonely
Trees shed their dry leaves
Into the courtyard of my heart
Sewalis disappear aboard the boat of the moon.

Ejars are sad, Sonarus do not laugh
When you are not with me
Kharikajais are broken-hearted
Love does not blossom any more
Life goes to sleep in the dust of the road.

I do not know if you know..
My poems too leave with you
When you go away
Nights in Karpungpuli are filled with sadness
Moonlight as sweet as apong lies barren
Along with my poems that have lost their rhythm.
When you are not with me.

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