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801. **believe It Or Not...** 1/23/2009
802. * :) 9/24/2008
803. ! Lost Faith... 9/6/2009
804. *my All... * 10/4/2008
805. *rush* 9/27/2008
806. Angel Above.... 2/18/2008
807. *lets Make It Clear... 2/5/2009
808. ~ Im Done. 8/25/2008
809. ! Beginning To End... 9/7/2009
810. **just Tell Me Why.... 6/10/2009
811. **where I Wanna Be..** 10/4/2008
812. (cuz I'M In Love With You..) 4/19/2010
813. **to Say Good-Bye. 12/7/2009
814. *love* 1/17/2009
815. *my Rose...* 10/7/2008
816. **as The Rain Falls...** 10/4/2008
817. ~try Be Perfect Just For You~ 12/15/2007
818. ! So.. Will You Marry Me? ? ? 6/12/2010
819. Afraid Of Losing You 12/4/2007
820. **love You** 9/29/2008
821. 4 All The Women/Girls Out There! 12/10/2007

Comments about Dislocated Heart

  • jjjjj (9/29/2018 11:33:00 PM)

    Dislocated Heart is a real poet!

    He might appreciate Creation: Artistic and Spiritual by Omraam Aivanhov, and Understanding Yourself by Mark Prophet

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  • Kayla Daley (5/26/2013 9:44:00 PM)

    i admire your work i have read many of your poems some make me want to cry. I have been in the dark places you have been and can relate a lot. You will find love i am sure of it when you least expect it. Never give up. Happiness comes from within. I have come to realize this in the past year. Keep your head high. Have a good day Dislocated Heart

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  • Justina Haner (2/17/2010 6:56:00 AM)

    Ok u r an amazing poet......i wood kill 2 b ur gf and get a poem......i love them

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  • Meagan Slack (5/6/2009 11:54:00 AM)

    breathtaking* haha :)

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  • Meagan Slack (5/6/2009 11:53:00 AM)

    You are an amazing poet. all your poems are truely beathtaking.. I wish i could find a guy like you! ! lol i can tell you are very inteligent.. no one who isnt at least somewhat smart could write like that. keep writing its truely something your meant to do.

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  • Zooey Gillespie (7/13/2008 10:28:00 PM)

    your a great poet. I love all your poems. keep doing what you do, and the best of luck

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  • Lovemo Queen (3/19/2008 3:28:00 PM)

    You really are one of the best poets babe. When you write you write with passion...you write about things ppl can really relate to.You write with so much emotion. U really do alwways take my breath away.

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Best Poem of Dislocated Heart

4 All The Women/Girls Out There!

a women.

she can tease.
she can smile.
she can do such harm that makes us men kneel down and bow.
of course all girls wants to be the princess in their mans heart.
always wanting the attention they can never get.
but only a girl with honor, integrity, and patient's
will be the most beautiful girl of all.

im saying not all women arent beautiful.
they all are.
just different ways of showing.

a womens humor.
a womens passion.
their every move
is unique
also extraordinary.

every women ...

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Good Bye

a knife
that cuts deep
the suffering
stab me!
hurt me!
thats all you do

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