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When all crashes.. Will you be here?
People say, Love is the best thing in the world..
I must say.. I agree..

a women.

Hey Baby,
I go through my everyday with a smile,
cuz I got such a great girl.
You mean so much to me,

i am afraid.
afraid of losing you.
you are what a dream is like,
pure and flawless.

we all make mistakes,
i have...
im not proud but i realize what i must do.
ill fix it just because i love you.

The rain will fall..
& all I'll do is think of you..

My heart beats to the sound of your voice..

Babe, let me give you 12 roses..
I will love you till each one dies and fades away.

Little did she kno..

Dont even know myself.
I'm caught between what I gotta be and who I am.
This toss up is ridiculous, I wont stand for it.
For once I want a peace of mind.

I am in love.. that I can say..
with her.. I wont deny.

She is on my mind.. constantly..

Everything used to be perfect..
She woke me up,
and I put her to bed..
We talk all night long..

In your arms,
Thats where I'd like to be..
Your love inspires me..
To write my heart out..

Why do we go to the ones that leave us?
why do we walk away from the ones that love us?
when all beauty is infront of ours eyes..
we let what we could have say good bye....

We were born alone...
I believe.. We die alone..
but maybe... if we haven't quite found our soulmate by that time..
They die with us?

Do you even know me?
When I tell you I love you.. do you believe me?
I ask the world,
when is the suffering done?

Sun shines down on me..
Why am i so cold?
My heart was given away,
Maybe to the wrong girl.

Standing out,
outloud, and Clear.
I want you and the rest of the world to know..

stand from where you sit.
be yellow in a group of red.
be the thorns on that rose.
be the key to this very soul.

Your shinin like a star,
So bright that when we're apart,
It still seems like,
The distances is barely there..


She gives me the joy of the world..
The world is different with her by myside..
I see all the beauty, and no pain is inflicted..
She gives nearly everything that I need..

I've written this today.. last 5 mins of school, something rushed into mind.. my thoughts of her...

Maybe its the way you can somehow make me survive the toughest days.
Maybe its the way your words reach into my heart.

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Love to write, it helps me express what I can't say outloud.. Writing is my soul on paper..)

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**love You**

When all crashes.. Will you be here?
People say, Love is the best thing in the world..
I must say.. I agree..

I'm feeling so lucky to be alive..
cuz I've got this girl of mines..
She is like a daimond in the sky..
Sparkle and shine..

Never thought It could be like this..
you make my world go round..
You simply fill my heart with love..

Babe, This is one thing I will never regret..
I wont pretend who I'm not.
Cuz with you..
I'm myself..
For once in my life..
I finally got something right..
My love belongs to you..
I will my give all, and everything that I've got.
I'm not holding bak..
Cuz the only thing I wanna do..
Is love you.

All I wanna do..
Is love you.

Babe, I'm scared to the core of my heart..
Scared to be hurt again..
But I trust you with my heart..
Riskin it all..
cuz I love you..
More then you know..
And probably More then I show.

I will always be afraid of love..
But you..
Help me love again..
I might act a little strange..
But the one thing I promise..
I'll always stay true..
& all I ever wanna do..
Is love you.

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Lovemo Queen 19 March 2008

You really are one of the best poets babe. When you write you write with passion...you write about things ppl can really relate to.You write with so much emotion. U really do alwways take my breath away.

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Zooey Gillespie 13 July 2008

your a great poet. I love all your poems. keep doing what you do, and the best of luck

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jjjjj 29 September 2018

Dislocated Heart is a real poet! He might appreciate Creation: Artistic and Spiritual by Omraam Aivanhov, and Understanding Yourself by Mark Prophet

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Kayla Daley 26 May 2013

i admire your work i have read many of your poems some make me want to cry. I have been in the dark places you have been and can relate a lot. You will find love i am sure of it when you least expect it. Never give up. Happiness comes from within. I have come to realize this in the past year. Keep your head high. Have a good day Dislocated Heart

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Justina Haner 17 February 2010

Ok u r an amazing poet......i wood kill 2 b ur gf and get a poem......i love them

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Meagan Slack 06 May 2009

breathtaking* haha :)

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Meagan Slack 06 May 2009

You are an amazing poet. all your poems are truely beathtaking.. I wish i could find a guy like you! ! lol i can tell you are very inteligent.. no one who isnt at least somewhat smart could write like that. keep writing its truely something your meant to do.

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