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laying in bed,
half in, half out...
the dream realm just
out of my reach.

Looking in your eyes
a dark brown, with a hint of gold fire.
So dark, I want to get lost in them.
In those luscious eyes.

laying here, thinking.
how good would it feel?
would you be gentle?
would it hurt?

talking to you.
listening to them.
No chance to speak.
Too much.

we sat down that day,
in the warm sun, on the wavy hills.
We looked around,
and oh what a precious thing

Passion, Love, Emotions wild, heat
Sweat, Strength, Weakness.

A kiss on the cheek-

Pain. Love. touch. You
You leave me.


The demon of my dreams.
The pain in my heart
You bring me up, make me think things may work out

Needing a smoke,
So I walk with a friend.
Walk into the 'Smoke Room',
and close the door.

Sitting here,
The thought slip through,
like subtitles from a movie


walking away..trying to clear my thoughts.
a stranger walks up, a look of knowing on his face.
'May I'? he asks, gesturing out.
I nod, , keep walking.


I see in your eyes the truth
yet u persist that what you say is real;
I can smell it on you breath;
the scent of moonshine.

Sitting, listening, thinking;
A man talking about nonsense;
Needing something.
Yearning … for what?

you pour the wine,
we took a drink.
The strike of a match;
a cigarette.

we sat on the porch that day,
talking and talking.
you begged and pleaded
and still i cried.

Walking with you,
city lights bright as day,
Christmas eve. Snow falling,
Covering up, Painting,

How long has it been?
Do you remember?
I can’t recall how long…
How long I cried,

you said you loved me,
words I hear every day.
But for some reason

“let’s start over” he says.
We shake hands, I laugh.
How do you forget love?
How can you no look

we went out, had some fun.
it went to far, yet not far enough
to give me release...
to let me finish.

Dolan Doran Biography

Reflecting the emotions behind the eyes of a teenage girl who fights love, drugs, emotional roller coasters, and life in all aspects.)

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laying in bed,
half in, half out...
the dream realm just
out of my reach.

my window open,
the darkness encroaching
I try to encourage the
breeze to wipe away
my tears.

laying naked,
feeling used.
the bruisese darkening
on my chest and side.

How can your “love” hurt so much?
How can you dare call this love?
Why did you do this?
Why do I let you?

Finally sleep takes me
away; pain fades;
a minor throb in the
back of my mind.

No more pain.
No more fear.
It’s over.
You have no
power over me.

I embrace the darkness.
revel in the black.
It’s over.
No white lights.
No angels to
lead my home.
Just blackness.

My breath leaves in a puff.
It’s over.
My body relaxes.
I guess he hit
one to many times.

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John Smith 18 January 2009

Hiiyer Dolan, Your name in itself is poetry to me! I'm in no position to comment, but you thinking that you’re 'not that good' is ridiculous, I would kill to have half the talent you do. Your style is electric, fluid and gripping. Your words are so real, and draw the reader into your life. And without being patronising at all, to do all that at your minimal age is nothing short of stunning. Let the poetry be your excavation. Keep doing what you do best, you’re an inspiration! :) X x x Bilal.

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