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they go
but not all the time

To be with you
is what I want......

I think it is not soo much

Mom just listen and sit
stop screming like a kid.......

I am not anymore a small kid

days go on,
sunrise and sunset,
moon comes and goes,
wind blow and it stops,

my dream
i woke up
screeming, shuting
crying, smiling

the life is a beautiful thing,
life is like a story book,
life is full of happiness and sadness......................

when i Wake up,
i saw some birds were flying,
with the beautiful big eyes,
with the colourfull feathers..........

my friend
you are with me whenever i need u
you are ready for help when i need the help
you are ready to treat my sorrows


Poems are feelings
poems are sadness
poems are happness
poems are the feelings of life

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hmmmmmmm.nothing is there special about me its just that i love writing poems in arabic and english.....and i love my family and my trying to be better in any way...sooo i think thats

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Friends For Ever

they go
but not all the time
they are same
some are carring
some are careless
some are good
some are bad
some are true friends
some are true lairs
any way dear they stay in the heart

this is to my dearest friend

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Domy sweet Popularity

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