Don Dickenson

Don Dickenson Poems

1. Supermarket Daze 4/14/2015
2. A Forest Battle H 4/16/2015
3. The Flower Patch 4/17/2015
4. Why Did He Make The Man? 4/17/2015
5. I Dream - If Ony It Could Be 4/18/2015
6. Gardening On An Autumn Afternoon. 4/19/2015
7. I'M Ready To Go Natural 4/19/2015
8. Children Of The Night 4/20/2015
9. Good Friday-Sunday An Easter Poem 4/23/2015
10. The Climax Of God's Plan 4/25/2015
11. Why Bother? 5/1/2015
12. The Last Dance 5/4/2015
13. Going Fishing K 5/5/2015
14. A Summer Storm N 5/5/2015
15. Sunrise Walk N 5/5/2015
16. A Time For All Seasons N 5/5/2015
17. Why Can'T I Have It Now/ 5/7/2015
18. Reading The Foliage 5/8/2015
19. Dragons In The Sky 5/13/2015
20. The Martha Way 5/16/2015
21. Joy Of A Winter's Day 5/17/2015
22. Painting A Rainbow 5/18/2015
23. Pentecost 5/25/2015
24. The Man With A Gun In His Hand 6/8/2015
25. A Squishy, Squashy Caterpillar 10/4/2015
26. Depression But Not Alone 5/28/2015
27. Puddles Are Made For Children 4/14/2015
28. When Jesus Came A Preaching 5/22/2015
29. A Woodland Surprise 4/24/2015
30. Stormy Night 12/2/2011
31. The Centipede 4/14/2015

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Best Poem of Don Dickenson

The Centipede

Please, can you tell me
the little boy said,
why you've hundreds of legs,
but only one head?

The centipede cried,
once I had only two,
they appeared quite enough,
for the walking I do.
But then, as I wandered,
they got very sore,
so I went to a shop
and bought me some more.

But still as I travelled,
though four legs were neat,
I found I had need
of a dozen more feet,
Even with these,
to spread out the load,
I felt I should have,
more feet on the road.

So I took me to buying,
Feet, here and there, ...

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Supermarket Daze

Walking down an aisle,
of a local super store,
Wanting just one article,
but knowing, I’ll buy more.
For products tempt my purse strings
in a wonderful display,
as I notice that great bargains
may be had, ‘just for this day.’

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