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I am an ordinary bloke who has always especially liked Australiana, Australian bush poetry and yarns and the humour it provides. I decided to try my hand at it and am enjoying the experience immensly. Since finding poemhunter I am begining to appreciate many other forms of the written verse by so many clever people.
I will continue to do both.

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Colleen Wright 06 July 2006

Don - Your 'special' beautiful poem almost made me cry - sooooooooooooooo beautiful! And to think that you thought of me at this [present] time.......... Your poems are wonderful - most enjoyable, if through tears or laughter.... Do get back to the 'indelible' ink Don, get yourself out and about to wander Australia and create some more Australian masterpieces. Keep smilin' sweet man. You know who - from you know where.

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The Best Poem Of Don Stratford

Love Me Or Leave Me

How can you say you love me?
How can you say you care?
When you never, never show me
That you are prepared to share

How can you talk of sorry?
How can you talk of pain?
It’s time you looked at what you do
There’s much for you to gain

What is it you expect of life?
Is it just your selfish ways
Or do you think that you know all
And wish to keep me in a haze

It’s time for things to alter
You need to change your hard, fast life
If we’re to have a future
You need to listen to your wife

Don Stratford © 1/10/2005

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Don Stratford Popularity

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