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Defining The Word Love

Have you ever taken time, to try to find, the best way to define, that little word love.
It's a small word, with so much meaning and the list can change and grow with time.
The list can get so long, that it nearly blows your mind.
After a lot of thought and prayer, I think the Lord has shown me the way, to put it all together without taking several day's.

Have You Ever Thought Of Heaven

Have you ever thought of heaven and how it will be up there.
Brushing elbows with Jesus Christ, as his hospitality you do share.
Have you ever thought of heaven, with it's streets all paved in gold, that reflects the Greatest Story ever told.
Have you ever thought of heaven and all the joy we will share.

Sadistic Minds

It's sad to think, that we have such sick minds in a struggle for power today.
They destroy the lives of so many innocent people to try and get their way.
They feel that terrorism, is the way to climb the ladder of success.
In the display of their small sadistic minds, they can't even be put in a class with the best.

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