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On The 100th Anniversary Of The Death Of Abraham Lincoln*

a man, complex in his simplicity has gone
unnoticed. his eyes touhed us like
a feather burnt too soon by the ice
of hate. his mouth too often breathed

Summer Storm*

it came stamping down the street
one heaving June (so thick my
tongue could slice the air)

Unholy Trinity

three they walked
in one,
papa, fils, and spiritus not so sanctus.
the over image of a none-all smile

Love Is A Nonsense Poem*

love is a nonsense poem
wreathed in black and
purple, sitting on a
gilded lily, making

On The Death Of My Friend's Father

i love
you love
his love is so big you
froze from the heat of it,

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Suchoon Mo 14 June 2006

Avery go odpo em an ice hole in the sky

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