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Poems 1/11/07


Green is grass,
Green for not yet ripe,
Green without experience,


Black for times of slavery,
Black for sadness,
Black for being a rastaman,


I blink at you because I love you,
I blink at you because I want you,
I blink at you for sex,


By: Mr. Ennoble/Modern Poet



By: Mr. Ennoble/Modern poet
They are all nice, loving, caring and unique,

sexy (A) Lady can you be my sweet lover,
oh (A) Lady i am hurting being so far from you,
oh (A) Lady you are my earth angel,
oh (A) Lady you take my breathe away,

Poems By: Modern poet/Doran Ellis
Title: I see

I see a world in struggle,


Negro para los tiempos de la esclavitud,
Negro para la tristeza,
Negro por ser un rastaman,

Par: Mr. Ennoble

Où est-ce que je me tiens

Eres hermosa
Sus dedos son tan hermosos como los dedos de los pies,
Tus uñas son tan hermosas como tu uña del pie,
Tus oídos son tan hermosos como tu cabello,

Tu es belle
Vos doigts sont aussi beaux que vos orteils,
Vos ongles sont aussi beaux que votre ongle d'orteil,
Vos oreilles sont aussi belles que vos cheveux,

Poèmes Par: Modern poet / Doran Ellis
Titre: I see

Je vois un monde en lutte,

Pass Me By:
Passing me by with those sparkling eyes,
Lips of cherry inviting my lips to take a kiss,
Passing me by with those voluptuous thighs,


You make mi happy,
When you are around, I am never sad,
You humbled mi,

Sun Where we get our light,
Also can give us a lot of warmth,
The ray of the sunlight is called sunbeam,
Tourist take sunbathe on visiting our abode,


What is this thing called love,
I would really like to know about it,
For I have lost it along time ago,


Dem think yu soft and think yu never serious,
When yu say a Jamaica and then Cayman yu was heading,
Dem think yu would a die down and dead or cut to a level 2/3 hurricane,

You are beautiful
Your fingers are as beautiful as your toes,
Your fingernails are as beautiful as your toenail,
Your ears are as beautiful as your Hair,

Doran Ellis Biography

Emerging during the latter half of the 80's, the enormously prolific Moder Poet/Ennoble was one of the leaders of the conscious/Romantic poems.helping lead Poetry back to the mystical and spiritual influence of conscious/Romantic poems, Yet overall, his poems was generally positive, advocating faith and compassion for poor black youth, and respect for women. He remained something of an enigma to the public at large, rarely granting interviews and keeping his appearances to a minimum. Nonetheless, he still ranked as arguably the most popular conscious/Romantic poet, thanks to a normally high standard of quality control. A versatile poet, Ennoble/Modern Poet was born Doran Ellis on March 22,1979 and was raised in the Harbour View area of Kingston.)

The Best Poem Of Doran Ellis

You're Beauty

Poems 1/11/07

You're Beauty

Your beauty got me feeling speechless,
Your beauty got my head feeling like a merry-go round, when will we be together arms in arms,
Your beauty got me visioning us hitting the sheets.
You're beauty inspires me,
Your beauty elevate me,
You're beauty lifts my mood,
Your beauty brings chills all over my body,
You're beauty turns me on,
You're beauty gets me randy, you're beauty draws me closer to you,
You're beauty relieves my sorrows,
You're beauty breaks down my defenses,

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Doran Ellis Popularity

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