Dorothea Gift Of God Poems

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The Unopened

Fighting Against My Flesh

I must have forgot how I feel about myself.
I must have lost the emotions that I held so deeply.
I must have died in the last few hours almost changing who I am to rearrange myself for him.
I thought of nothing but the few emotions that I knew.

An Ode To Drums

Bisexual Abortion

Every season my emotion's leak, they dropped on the inner part of my thighs. Spilling beneath my waste basket. I'm emotionally trapped to another part of a human being. - Quote

Human fluids drop from my inner being, I'm humanly exposed to the hands of my alabaster box. I'm adjusting, my subconscious mind to endure another hour less moment of self gratification. I've mastered I reuse sperm and wipe it upon a napkin a wipe the same wipe that once stood still. But I'm involved with my hands in a relationship that kills the inner being of my open minded slave mentality.

My Incomplete Touch

I've held him 300 times in my mind
but I never left a single imprint on his flesh.
I wonder if the smell of my flesh might introduce him to me, or will he throw up at the introduction of me.
I find myself at more than once, watching him searching throw the mist of my mind hoping I run into him.

Missing U

I loved you when the winds blew.
I called you when the tears fell.
I kissed you beneath the truth.
And when I walked away to say good-bye to you.

Untitled: Worthless (Part 1)

she sits beside herself wondering if someone can understand her.
I have thoughts of conflicts of confusion she says, but the words she decides to use don't have any emotions, they wrap themselves around each other and hide.
I have not met the interacial women her mind and her life are both of a different race.
She holds onto the guilt of losing of gaining a new self-control a control that her life wont let her except.

Gurl I Like Killing Them

Blood dripped on the cement like rat to a flame.
I burn down trees like a wild man who's insane.
I lick guns like a dead man with no existence to the rain.
I'm complicated to say the least.

Low Tide

Sexuality Burst

Turned beneath my feet are the sounds of last weeks conversations, last weeks thought's, last nights lust.
Thus I never have always wanted to but Thus I pushed my emotions to the waste basket and crawled to the corners of my mind.
Thus I throw up from the idea of killing myself, from the idea of losing the income I've worked to never gain.
Emotionally I exit the thoughts I've begun to master, the hidden complex to my complexion, the inner compound to my dog.

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