Dr. Antoinette Voget

(Aloha, Oregon, USA)

Dr. Antoinette Voget Poems

1. El-Elion 1/2/2003
2. Horace 1/2/2003
3. Divine Mother Pele 1/2/2003

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From the White star of God the Thought of God
Oh El-Elion, the highest God of the Jewish Cabala
From all things comes the beginnings of tome in the creation
Of the cosmos and the biocosmos and the diacosmos
All in all to return to the circle at the edge of time at the edge
Of the universe at the beginning of time
Oh Adam Khadmon the Thought of God and Jesus Christ was born at
Oh El-Elion the highest God of the Jewish Cabala
Oh Yaweh You talked to Moses and Jesus Christ
Oh El-Elion you are the God of all the Gods
The highest of all the Gods ...

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