Dr. Ashok Chakravarthy Tholana

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You Are The Dawn

How the dawn brings the light
How the light fill the whole heart
The most sought after dream
From childhood to youthful charm

Plight Of Flowers

Shower after shower
Rock the petals splendor
Dejected and doomed
I curse, why had I bloomed.

World Without Frontiers

Blossom from harmony the peace-loving souls!
A world without frontiers should become our goal!

May the heart-broken soul of the universe

Dr. Ashok Chakravarthy Tholana Comments

Nagamuthu Osho 07 April 2007

Respected Poet, Very precious poem, and adding glory through verses! Your poems are very nice with ardent love for nature. God Bless you, Thanking you, Yours cordially, N.K.OSHO www.nkosho.com

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