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Paint Me In Color...

Painter, would you paint me
today in all my natural hue?
Would you paint me as I am,
with my imperfections and blemishes true?

In Search Of Identity...

The mirror in my room isn’t just the same anymore!
Now it has many faces,
myriad visages and countenances.
They all stare back;

Your Smile...

A smile
from you make me forget
the whole world and
fly, spiraling higher, in a steady flight

My Apologies

I have forgotten to take care of my mirror!

The mirror on my bedroom wall has cried for long now,

Red Autumn

Two little elves
sat on the tree top
painting the leaves
in bright red tinge.

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. Tolbert 02 September 2011

Hi Moon! Thanks for your kind words about my poetry...I just joined this site and now look forward to reading every poem (87 I think) you have listed here! I must say you are inspirational to me and through a difficult bipolar bout with mania recently you have done more than you know. Thank you so much.

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I am that memory which will remain with you as a serene glow of moonlight. I am that thought which will nurture your soul like a whisper of mountain breeze. I am that dream which will haunt your being like a ferocious gushing brook.



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