Dr. Er. Sushree Bibhuprada B Priyadarshini Poems

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Peace: The Greatest Aspiring Pinnacle In The Realm Of Heart

‘Peace': it's not a word, its not a sound.

It's a summoning of the cabalistic History.

The Angel Of My Life…! ! !

The Angel of my Life…! ! !

IfI am in cloudiness,
then You are my crystal moon,

The Queen Of Own Empire…!

The Queen of Own Empire...!

I dream to be the queen of my own empire…! ! !
In one day, I may find a king or not; howbeit, if I am a queen, I can conquer my own world.

Altruism: Its Boon Or Bane…?

Altruism: the noble perturbation for someone,
Howbeit it makes the heart to sway and soul to whine…!
It may be the selfless concern for existent,
Howbeit the person stabs thou with his piercing words and moulds thou a helot…!

Memory is a recalcitrant wave,
that manifests itself as a collection of squillion episodes!
Memory is the summoning of frenzy passenger,
that evinces itself as an evocation to ruminating happenings!

Exploration Of Life

Howbeit life proffers thou millenary strands to cry,
Proclaim yourself with incalculable grounds to twinkle.
Howbeit Life proffers thou cascaded impetus to plunge in fathomless sea,
Epitomize yourself as the pilot of your Destiny.

True Love: The Greatest Innervating Zenith Of Nascence

True Love is the greatest natural zenith,
that can make the sky bow down.
True Love is a heavenly feeling,
that transcends all barriers of caste, creed and culture.

Visa: I Am The Permission To Budge

H1B Visa:
I am desired for skilled workers…!
H2B Visa:
I am the vital for seasonal workers …!

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