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Lonely life,
Lonely mind,
Lonely heart,
Lonely love,

Sad songs,
Surround me.
Sad thoughts,
Cloud my mind.

I await,
At the gates,
Of Hell,
And see Death,

The music,
Won't drown,
Those memories.

Everything I knew,
I lost because of you.
Everything I had,
I lost because of you.

Its sad to see,
That no ones free.
Its sad to see,
No one like me.

I compare my life to others,
Seeing if theirs are better.
Are they loved,
Are they hugged?

I'm lost,
In many thoughts.
I'm lost,
In frightening thoughts.

I get lost,
In my favorite song.
All my fears,

My heart,
Has stopped.
I can't breath,
Someone please help me.

I'm different,
And I don't care.
If you got a problem,
Tell me.

A threat,
Unfit to live in society,

Voices in my head,
Tell me to do it.

They say,
'You know where they are,

The sky was bright blue,
No sight of you.
The grass was green,
No one was mean.

I don't understand,
What you say.
Your lips move,
But words don't come out.

You can shake me,
You can hit me,
You can kick me,
You can push me,

I feel dizzy: I feel sick,
Hey, she threw up a stick!
He has ice,
She has lice.

Flashes of my past,
Come back to me.
Everytime I blink,
A vision appears.

You say,
You know me,
But if you do,
Then why don't you,

So bright,
This burning light.
So strong,
But how long?

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Lonely life,
Lonely mind,
Lonely heart,
Lonely love,
Lonely fun,
Lonely work,
Lonely talk,
Lonely thoughts,
Lonely death,
Lonely walk,
Lonely run,
Lonely friend,
Lonely crying,
Lonely recess,
Lonely money,
Lonely health,
Lonely kissing,
Lonely loniness...

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Dragon Crenshaw Popularity

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