Driven Endowed

Freshman - 749 Points [Vikky]

Driven Endowed Poems

1. Sonnet-Don't Mind Their Mockery 9/22/2015
2. Don't Dare God! 9/27/2015
3. Struggle 9/27/2015
4. Tilling Of The Ground 9/27/2015
5. Movement 9/27/2015
6. Childhood 9/27/2015
7. How Should I Know? 9/27/2015
8. Elizabethan Or Shakespeare Sonnet 10/1/2015
9. A Dream In A Dream 11/2/2015
10. Adébáyò, How Can You Survive? 11/6/2015
11. I Have A Dream 11/9/2015
12. Departure Of A Fearless Eagle 11/19/2015
13. You Are A Liar! 9/22/2015
14. You Can Never Do Us Wrong! 9/22/2015
15. The Praise Singer 12/6/2015
16. She Is Untouchable 12/6/2015
17. Tell That Lady Bleaching So Shine 12/6/2015
18. Hotness Of The Sun 12/6/2015
19. Valley Of Hardship 2/25/2016
20. Harmattan Season 12/6/2015
21. Mockery To An Unknown Lad 4/27/2016
22. Stop The Cycle Of Self-Depression 9/22/2015
23. Woman, Caution Your Dangling Breast. 2/25/2016
24. Arise O, Compariots 11/27/2015
25. Determination 9/22/2015
26. Fuel Scarcity 12/6/2015
27. I Don't Know Why I Cherish Her 12/6/2015

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Best Poem of Driven Endowed

I Don't Know Why I Cherish Her

I don't know why I cherish her,
Perhaps it is her way of talking,
Her way of twerking,
Or her being in a bar.

I don't know why I cherish her,
On it I was defeated by a small fry Boxer,
In which Mayweather cant stand with my bla,
But I was knocked down by a trainee who called of Sir.

I don't know why I cherish her,
On it I thought deeply to know the reason,
On it I went deeply in my Car,
But I couldn't hook it in return like Mike Tyson.

I don't know why I cherish her,
I tears apart my thought for the core truth,
I took a wall and ...

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Don't Dare God!

Don't dare the work of God,
Don't contempt the view vent,
Learn how to intervene the argument of the odd,
If you don't want your antenna to be bent;
Though, you may surreal the artificial does,
You may spill with the metrical pattern rendition,
You may stampede the man-made gods,
But you can never compete with God's intervention.

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