Drowning In This Darkness

Drowning In This Darkness Poems

I want to cry so bad
but the tears are stuck inside
you come and rescue me
and show me someplace to hide

I watched you jump
I wachted you drowned
I loved you so
I didn't make a sound

I'll reverse this curse
you stole my heart
but hun I had it first
I'm drowning in your pool

I've just waged a war on myself
I feel the razors going in
and even though it hurts
I know it'll happen again

you hang around
like it's no big deal
but I know you
your not made of steal

He got the rope all ready
And text her one last time
"I'm sorry you don't love me,
I guess it's time to say goodbye."

The man he sits all alone
in his old abandoned home

Were he lives in deep thought
playing in his distraught

If anything should happen
while I'm away
whisper to the darkness
and it will be okay

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My Childern

I look for her day and night
the girl who crys with all her might
and the boy whos sorrows swollowed him whole
these are my children, they are my soul

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Drowning In This Darkness Popularity

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