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Broken Relationships, Broken Promises, And Hurting Inside

Can I?
Will I?
Who knows, after everything that you've done to me.
You tore my heart out like it was nothing.

Why I Cry

Save Me

I'm falling, falling for you.
I'm crying, crying because I can't have you.

Dying, dying because you are't here.

Long Gone

i dont regret what was said
i dont regret the pain i caused you
i dont regret anything.

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im 13 years old. ive had a rough life so far. theres one person that keeps me going and thats jake. ive messed up with him 3 times because ive been emotionally unstable. if i can get stable, which is what im working on, he sasys he'll give me one last chance. one last chance to prove i love him. he may not believe it yet but i do and i always will no matter what anyone says.

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