Du Mu Poems

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Mountain Travel

Far on cold mountain stone path slant
White cloud live place be households
Stop carriage because love maple forest evening
Frost leaf red than second month flower

A Mooring On The Qin Huai River

Mist veils the cold stream, and moonlight the sand,
As I moor in the shadow of a river-tavern,
Where girls, with no thought of a perished kingdom,
Gaily echo A Song of Courtyard Flowers.

The Garden Of The Golden Valley

Stories of passion make sweet dust,
Calm water, grasses unconcerned.
At sunset, when birds cry in the wind,
Petals are falling like a girl s robe long ago.

Spring South Of The River

Thousand li orioles call green reflect river
Water village hill rampart wine banner wind
South dynasty 480 temples
How many pavilions mist rain in

Drunken Sleep

Autumn wine rain in well made
Cold house fall leaf in
Hermit really much asleep
More pour one cup empty

Entering Shangshan

Early enter Shangshan hundred li cloud
Blue stream bridge under water sound divide
Flow water old sound person old ear
This time call not able listen

Ji'An Prefecture: An Occasional Poem

Two poles set sun stream bridge on
Half thread light must willow reflection in
How much green lotus mutual support hatred
Instant turn head back west wind

Drinking Alone

Window outside straight wind snow
Embrace stove open wine flask
How like fishing boat rain
Sail down sleep autumn river

A Message To Han Cho The Yangzhou Magistrate

There are faint green mountains and far green waters,
And grasses in this river region not yet faded by autumn;
And clear in the moon on the Twenty-Four Bridges,
Girls white as jade are teaching flute-music.

A Confession

With my wine-bottle, watching by river and lake
For a lady so tiny as to dance on my palm,
I awake, after dreaming ten years in Yangzhou,
Known as fickle, even in the Street of Blue Houses.

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