Francis Duggan Ducks Poems

Pink Eared Ducks

In flat coastal shallow lakes them sometimes you will see
Wild ducks not familiar to many and not familiar to me
With fleshy lobes under bill and pink around ears and overall brown mottled gray
Birds i know of and have seen but do not see every day

Parent Ducks Are Feeling Worried

Parents ducks have their young ducklings for to care for and defend
Against crows and magpies and other predators none to them does seem a friend
To the hungry kookaburra they would make a tasty treat
A downy young and tender duckling would be very nice to eat.

The Aussie Wood Ducks

The Aussie wood duck's call is a nasal type of sound
Within their range in numbers they abound
You even see them in parks of the town
The males distinctive in their grey and brown,

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